Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Derma Clinical Patented Liposome technology for skin delivery and Skin lightening cream (Under WIPO and UK patent)
Nanotechnology process: So it’s not about the ingredients used in Dermafair, it’s the process which is unique and we have optimized the process to get the desired results. Nanotechnology process developed by Derma Clinical is unique and under Patent in WIPO (The World Intellectual Property Organization) as well as in India.
Liposome Technology works by using liposomal micro spheres to deliver the Active ingredient into the skin safe effectively and where the actives are needed to reduce the over production of Skin Colour (Melanin).
Skin is made of natural phospholipids and phospholipids are the building blocks in the skin. Liposomal are made of natural phospholipid and active ingredients are totally encapsulated inside the Liposomes by the patented technology.
Liposomes are Biological inert, Biodegradable and enhanced the effectiveness of cream. Liposomes because of their unique ability to transport nutrients and the anti-oxidant into the deeper layer of skin. We have used the flexible Liposomes which are easily penetrate into the layer of skin where Liposomes rejuvenate your skin and also to reduce the over activity of melanocyte in the skin to a normal level. for more info please visit :